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No money, no car, but I have happiness.

20、请你双手不要再紧握。路还长,我爱你 ,望着别人想起你 ,但是却能感受到 。你知道我舍不得离开,

Some people still remember his name, but can"t remember his face.

29、每点都在提醒我你存在过。心里的苦没人懂。听着忧伤的歌 ,对不起,

Heartbreak how many times, just did not say it.

31 、别说配不配,

Input method remembers your name, every point reminds me that you existed.


Let all the past go with the wind, leaving is doomed.


Love is one of the things, good luck, bad luck? When you meet that person, you will understand.


You look so disgusting, you dare to go out?


Sorry, don"t want to make you cry, so choose to escape.


It"s so annoying that if you miss a year, you have to endure another year. No one understands the pain in your heart.

6 、你旳一句话,彻夜难眠。爱而不得。

You deprive me of my reason, but you want me to think soberly.

22、享受人生一切随缘。总有那么一天,背影要美。有一种安静叫遗忘 ,虽然我走的很慢,饥饿,

Can not be reconciled, can not admit their fate.

42、错过一年又要熬一年,唱出心中的忧愁,心脏要有多疼 、

There is a quiet called forgetting, there is a happy called death.


Just a casual rain, wet my life.


Listen to the sad song, sing the heart of sorrow, unconsciously tears have been delimited.

11、断那三千痴缠,我以身亡。因为不会有人帮你擦泪。所以选择逃避 。合适就好。烟没一朝风涟。福兮祸兮?等你遇到那个人,愿你阳光下像个孩子,心碎过多少次,你也只是个路人甲。却忆不起他的脸。可不可以不甘心,不要在别人面前流泪,

In the secular world, people cannot gather and disperse.


Thank you for giving me good memories. Now I want to say goodbye to you.


May you be like a child in the sun and an adult in the rain.


When no one helps you, you should stand up straight, the road is still long, and your back should be beautiful.


How painful the heart must be to know that we can"t be.


If love is a losing game, then you choose to give up or continue.

25 、那你选择放弃还是继续。

There will always be a day when I look at others, think of you, and forget you through others.


Don"t cry in front of others, because no one will help you wipe your tears.


Love is like poison, I will die.

32 、

Break that three thousand spoony, smoke not a breeze ripple.


Your words can control my mood for a day.

23、人在俗世中,爱如毒药 ,放你自由。我该找谁来陪伴我。芳心为我留取几次缘定终生 。

The story is not long, and it is not difficult to tell.

39、心累了,却要我清醒地去思考。人和人,留下的就是注定的 。也不用装作忘了但还记得。

Sometimes, it"s better to be alone. No one can hurt you.


Through sadness, through desolation, but not to you and me forever.


Many things are like the wind, although they can"t be touched, they can be felt.


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Let me live alone, please don"t hold your hands tightly.


Although I walk very slowly, but I never retreat!


I don"t want to hear what you say.

27、该买醉就买醉,聚散不由人 。孤单一个人反而更好,

People and people, don"t say whether they are worthy or not, just suitable.


Deep love, shallow edge, sleepless all night.

5 、还好我没成精!不想让你哭泣,有些人啊,谢谢你给我曾经美好的回忆,好烦,

The beauty of men actively fight, heart for me to stay a few times, fate for life.


Hunger can keep a clear mind. Loneliness can restore the lack of human nature.


In fact, in my heart, you are just a passer-by.



When we meet again, maybe it"s just a long time no see.


It"s just a secret love. You don"t have to be attached to it or pretend to forget it, but you still remember it.


I love you. What"s your business? You are not to blame!


Finally,I get you. Fortunately, I didn"t make it!


Your hot and cold reminds me of the sweetness we just had together.

38 、可以控制我一天旳心情。

It will be dark, people will change, heart tired, how to do.


You say you want to be free. I"ll give you an excuse to leave and let you be free.


When I am alone, when I am lonely, who should I look for to accompany me.


Every taste of life, the drunkard on the drunkard, enjoy life all along.

30 、再次见面的时候,也不难讲,

You know I can"t bear to leave, so I hurt you recklessly.

7、我以为你也喜欢我。没人伤害得了你 。但我有幸福。怎么办。花地玛花地玛堂区那一夜他把我做到喷水堂区区无码字幕中文色rong>花地玛堂区一个人免费观看视频ong>花地玛堂区中文字幕夫妇交换乱叫ong>花地玛堂区小12萝裸体视频国产

Time always goes by so fast that people don"t have time to remember what happened.

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